Team Leader Resources

All the Resources, including Activity Plans, Powerpoint Presentations and any additional documents for each Mission can be downloaded below.

You can download the Resources for each Mission separately or download them all in one go. The How To… document is available as a pdf so that you can read it here on the website and download it too if you wish.

How To Do The Astro Science Challenge (pdf – opens on a new page)

Downloadable resources for each Mission
Mission 0 – Prologue (1.4MB)

Mission 1 – Spaceship Earth (4.6MB)
Mission 2 – Space Weather (4.8MB)
Mission 3 – Fit for Space (4.2MB)
Mission 4 – Astro Coding (7MB)
Mission 5 – Living in Space (4.9MB)
Mission 6 – Build & Launch A Rocket (4MB)
Printable Graduation Certificates and Mission Badges (2.8MB)
All Resources (33.8MB)