Team Leader Resources

This is where you can download all the Resources you’ll need to run The Astro Science Challenge. We’re running The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! between April – June 2020, for updates and to take part, join our mailing list!

You can view and download the How To Do The Astro Science Challenge document, Resources for all Missions and the Graduation Certificate below!

Important: if you downloaded the Resources for Mission 4 before 2pm on 19/05/2020 then please delete those files and download them again using the link below

How To Do The Astro Science Challenge (PDF)
Mission 0 – Cadet Avatar (ZIP folder)
Mission 1 – Spaceship Earth (ZIP folder)
Mission 2 – Space Weather (ZIP folder)
Mission 3 – Fit For Space (ZIP folder)
Mission 4 – Astro Coding (ZIP folder)
Mission 5 – Living in Space (ZIP folder)
Mission 6 – Build & Launch a Rocket (ZIP folder)
Graduation Certificate (PDF)

If you’d like to award a printed Badge to your Cadet each time they complete a Mission, you can download them here